Welcome to the new server.

7/13/2024: 12:00 noon. The new server is now live !

Unfortunately, the following WELs did not switch over to the new server, and are still posting to the old server:

WEL0079, 0158, 0432, 0574, 0589, 0670, 0781, 0902 & 0917

To force them to switch, they need a Soft-Boot (via the local web page), or a short (10 sec) power-off cycle. Then they should reconnect in a couple of minutes.

If this doesn't work, then they probably have my OLD server's IP address entered in their system configuration page. This will need to be changed to "welserver.com" so they can lookup the new address.

If you need help, call me at: (three oh one) 501-7424

Simply put, the WEL (or Web Energy Logger) is a cost-effective way to map the energy flows in your home or office. It can help verify the performance of a solar thermal system, calculate the efficiency of a geothermal installation, or even prove that your home really is "Net Zero".

Not only does the WEL give you a window into your own energy environment, but you can be part of a bigger green community and share your live system-snapshot and trend-charts on the WEB in real-time. Click on the "What is the WEL?" link (above) to learn more, or explore the map below to see what other WEL users are doing globally.