7/4/2022: Server issue and chart data loss

At 4:30 AM EST The WELServer.com server had an unresolved issue which ultimately resulted in the server rebooting. During the leadup to that event (or pehaps during the reset), there was an issue with the file system appears to have impacted chart updates. Any Historic Charts that were being updated during the event were over-writted with a clean slate, effectively wiping out the chart history.

This action is quite unprecedented and still very hard to explain. Charts with longer update intervals were typically not effected as no data was being written during the event.

The only good news is that the monthly log files were not effected, so all logged data is still available for downloading.

I am continuing to investigate this event and closely monitoring the server.

Thanks for your understanding.

Simply put, the WEL (or Web Energy Logger) is a cost-effective way to map the energy flows in your home or office. It can help verify the performance of a solar thermal system, calculate the efficiency of a geothermal installation, or even prove that your home really is "Net Zero".

Not only does the WEL give you a window into your own energy environment, but you can be part of a bigger green community and share your live system-snapshot and trend-charts on the WEB in real-time. Click on the "What is the WEL?" link (above) to learn more, or explore the map below to see what other WEL users are doing globally.