Energy and Thermal data for Matt's House - WEL1091

Matt's House : Gales Ferry, CT USA

~2,400 sq ft cap cod home with ICF basement/foundation built in 2007 with walkout basement. 2x6 construction with andersen double pane windows.

21 Sunpower 350 watt panels installed in October 2019 by Earthlight Technologies.

Geothermal installation in May 2021 to replace oversized oil boiler and AC units.

Two (2) 300 ft deep wells drilled by CT wells. 1.25'' HDPE grouted into 6'' OD wells with ~80 ft run into the house from the wells.

4 Ton Hydron Module Revolution 2 (YT048) 2-stage heat pump w/ desuperheater and 10 kW supplemental heat strip. Hot water provided by an 80 Gallon State Premier HPX hybrid hot water heater and 40 gallon Argosy buffer tank. Installation by King Energy.

38,150 BTU/hr heat loss for winter and 18,939 BTU/hr heat gain in summer. System was designed to maintain an indoor temperature of 70 degrees to a minimum outdoor temperature of 8 degrees prior to requiring supplemental heat.

House envelope, overall, is about as tight as it can be without requiring a ventilator. R49+ in the attic with air sealing performed to minimize air leakage into the attic.

Hoping to be able to monitor system performance to understand how it works and ensure the system is operating as expected.

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