Energy and Thermal data for McLean,VA - WEL1025

McLean,VA : McLean, VA USA

5/17 - 8 ton WaterFurnace dual compressor W/W heat pump with 5 vertical wells controlled by ECO - 0550 controller with outdoor reset. First Co 5 ton and 3 ton air handlers, each equipped with secondary coil for backup supplied by Navien Combi boiler (also with outdoor reset). Custom control panel (20 ice-cube relays). Briggs and Stratton 48 kVa backup generator with Symphony load shedding.
12/17 - WEL and eGauge (power monitoring) systems installed.
5/18 - System zoned (6 zones) with Retrozone air bladder dampers operated by Honeywell zoning system controller and thermostats. WEL system installation complete. eGauge system augmented to monitor other heat pumps and walk-in cooler. Load shedding plan updated and augmented.
6/19 - 13.9 kW Solar System installed. 58 panels with IQ7 inverters.

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