Energy and Thermal data for Geo Monoflo Cottage - WEL0961

Geo Monoflo Cottage : Richmond, VA USA

Two 360-ft vertical closed loops provide the geothermal source for a Bosch 2-stage 3-ton water-to-water heat pump, whose unbuffered output is fed directly into the home's original 2-branch loop of 10 cast iron radiators at 9 gpm by two Grundfos Alpha ECM circulators. Maximum radiative capacity is ~30,000 Btu/hr, at 125F LLT, which is adequate for this 1400-sf stucco cottage. In practice, LLT and radiator temperatures rarely exceed 115 and 110, respectively. A backup oil-fired boiler can be cut in on exceptionally cold nights or during power failures. A 4.6-kW rooftop solar array yields ~3,000 kWh per year, enough to cover most of the geosystem's power consumption. Inquiries:

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