Energy and Thermal data for Hildebrand Hollow - WEL0677

Hildebrand Hollow : Summer Village of White Sands, AB Canada

Commissioned Sept 29/2012

Off grid system including Photovoltaic, Heating System, Rainwater Collection, Slow Sand Filtering system.

- 12 panel 2600 watt 24V Outback Solar Photovoltaic system
- 4 Panels of 20 WSE Evacuated Tubes (80 Total) Facing South Southeast
- 1200 Feet pipe in Sand Bed Heat Core (Insulated below concrete floor and around foundation (R20)
- 80 gallon Solar hot water tank
- In floor heating
- Recirculation System to extract heat from core to floor
- House loop for additional Hot water tank, in floor heating
- On demand propane hot water heater back up

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