Energy and Thermal data for La maison de Normand et Denise - WEL0586

La maison de Normand et Denise : Montreal, QC CANADA

I installed the WEL to monitor real time energy consumption and the performance of my 2 ton GeoConfort two stage geothermal unit, desuperheater and a heat pump HRV.
GeoConfort geothermal two stage heat pump (2 tons): The unit is undersized due to utility room size constaints but I compensated with an oversized vertical loop 540 feet deep using 1 1/4'' polyethylene tubing with 25% methanol. I will try to lower the antifreeze concentration in the future. I keep a constant ambient temperature day/night using 1 cycle per hour.
DHWH: The two element hot water heater (11 years old) will be replace with a three element unit shortly. The lower element is on a timer and operates only once a day in the early morning hours to kill any bacteria and is deactivated from around December to March when the desuperheater heat is sufficient.
Tonn-Air heat pump HRV (3/4 ton): When installed in the spring, it will run automatically on demand and will be controlled by CO2 levels and/or air quality monitors and humidity sensors in bathrooms. The compressor will only operate in cooling mode and in heating mode only on the coldest winter days.

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