Energy and Thermal data for The Carman Residence - WEL0517

The Carman Residence : Gilboa, NY USA

We have 130 Evacuated Tubes solar hot water plumbed to 180 gal domestic hot water and a 600 gal. tank for radiant floor heat.
Then we now have 40 Evergreen electric panels with a Sunnyboy 7000 inverter, making it a 8.2 KW System, tied into the grid producing close to 11,000 KW for a year.We have just built a system so they can track the sun, so hopefully we can make about 20% more if we ever see the sun again here in NY !!
Our new project is to try to store the extra heat from evacuated tubes in the earth. So thats why we are here on WELS, to monitor the ground temperatures soon! Got any ideas on it, give me a call.

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