Energy and Thermal data for Harvest House - WEL0393

Harvest House : Pullman, Wa usa

We have a modern, sustainably-built home in Pullman, WA, which has recently received an NW EnergyStar certification. It was designed and built by Dyonne Davidson (IRIS Design Works) and R. Lane Brown. The exterior walls of the first level are FasWall blocks (R-26), coated on the exterior with a concrete-based stucco, and on the inside with a lime-based plaster (EcoStucco). The upper level uses double-stud or lattice-style construction to minimize thermal bridging, and is filled with open-cell foam (Demilec Sealection500) to R-36 and R-28, respectively. The unvented roof is filled with closed-cell foam (Demilec HeatLockSoy200) to R-40+ between the I-beam roof support. The majority of the windows are Atrium triple-pain vinyl windows (U value 0.22). The roofing material is a mechanically-rolled standing seam roof. The solar thermal system was designed and installed in collaboration with Todd Hoitsma from LiquidSolar of Bozeman, MT. We have eight 4x10 solar thermal panels at 23 degrees on a S-facing shed roof. The heat is transferred to a 350 gallon storage tank. The heat from this tank is used to heat domestic water in a Triangle Tube indirect water heater and used for space heating by charging a high-mass sandbed, which lies in an insulated foundation under the polished concrete slab flooring. Fourty-five percent of the glazing is on the S side (would have been more, except for a fantastic view to the East) with overhangs to provide shade during the summer months. During the winter months, this provides passive heating of the dark concrete floor slab. For backup space heating and domestic hot water, we have a Viessmann boiler (95% efficient).

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