Energy and Thermal data for Freedom Won Solar Heater - WEL0338

Freedom Won Solar Heater : Calgary, AB Canada

This solar water heater uses the Freedom Won patented technology and provides solar water heating for this family since 2011. It is fully automatic, off-grid and includes an automatic heat dissipater. The features include:
- Three twenty-tube evacuated collectors.
- An integrated PV panel mounted on the thermal collector that energizes the variable speed circulating pump
- An automatic heat dissipater that is controlled by a thermostatic valve configured to limit the solar fluid to 200F.
- An internal-coil 80 gallon stainless tank preheats potable water with solar energy which then flows into a conventional gas water heater for additional heating. This is only necessary in the winter when half of the tubes are shaded by the neighbor's house.
- The array is wall-mounted on a south-facing brick chimney that receives good exposure most of the year although it is shaded by the neighbouring home in the winter.
- There is no electronic controller.
- It uses 50% propylene glycol, 50% water for the working fluid.

It works great - when the sun shines it heats water. There is nothing for the homeowner to adjust, no annual maintenance and no reliance on grid electricity. It will not overheat or freeze-up; it just works. Over five years of solar energy with no maintenance! Glycol is just like new thanks to the automatic heat dissipater.

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