Energy and Thermal data for Lockard Home - WEL0251

Lockard Home : Wind Gap, Pa USA

Our Home Green Energy Project that has been an ongoing desire to reduce the cost of energy use. Installed solar DHW heating in 2004 from Silicon Solar NY.12U evacuated tube units circulating gycol to a Butler Systems Solar Wand. Installed in 2016 a 3.6KW APsystems YC500 Micoinverter system with 18 300w Monocrystalline panels . Purchased 2 Ford Fusion energi cars to charge via solar. Gas cost for both is 50 dol month. DHW is a standard 40gal electric water heater with the Solar Wand installed and NG Weil Mclain boiler heating a sidearm heat exchanger. Home is hydronic heated primary by NG Weil Mclain 80 ulra boiler with passive solar heat. Converted large SPA to hydronic heat. Monthly cost to heat is 25 dol. 2020 just replaced 1st DHW heater that leaked with new AOSmith 40gal noncfc foam insulation. Mar 2020 upgraded old WEL 2.2 with WEL 4.3 to add pressure sensors and TED5000 integration

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