Energy and Thermal data for Didsbury ca residential system - WEL0195

Didsbury ca residential system : Didsbury, Alberta Canada

The property in Didsbury has been designed to be low impact sustainable home. The home and solar systems built and installed by Pinnacle Contracting

Our home is a 1,345 sq. ft. bungalow with 25,000 BTU/hr of solar heated domestic hot water, solar infloor heating and 1.9 kW solar array
Large south facing windows for passive solar heating
An energy efficient instant hot water heater, backup for solar heat
Energy efficient doors
Triple pane high efficient windows
Is insulated greater than a standard build
R 24 in the walls of the home including polar wrap
R 60 in the ceiling
R 40 in the basement walls
R 20 in the garage walls
R 60 in the garage ceiling
50 year shingles
Low flush toilets and low flow showers heads
All the appliances are new and energy efficient
The yard is landscaped to have low water use

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