Energy and Thermal data for elcogeothermal philbrick - WEL0119

elcogeothermal philbrick : Hampden, ME USA

1987 Home, with 2008 Geo ground source heating and air conditioning upgrade, consisting of a Horizontal closed loop heat ex-changer(2 x 1 inch HDPE in parallel direct buried pipes (3' separation), buried 5' below grade, in 5 x 400' long trenches), 2 x 3 Ton ground source heat pumps (6 Tons total), 2 stage operation, water to water ground source heat pump system (2 x climate-master GSW036), a(2011 upgrade)radiant in floor heating system with gypsum concrete over-pour retrofit of 2/3 of the first floor SF area of the home, with(original 1987) hot water baseboard for balance of 1st floor and entire 2nd floor. Former 1987)oil fired traditional Hot water baseboard heating distribution is supplemented by (3) 60,000 BTU fan coil units with 3 speed blowers. 60K BTU Fan coils now only provide air-conditioning function during July and August. 80 gallon (Vaughn) stone lined accumulator tank stores 115 degree F heated water in winter for heating, and 42 degree F chilled water in summer for air conditioning.
De-superheater equipped heat pump #2 only, preheats well water for domestic hot water use. De-superheater recirculates domestic hot water water from traditional domestic electric hot water (un-powered preheat) tank, whenever ground source heat pumps are running, thereby assisting with electric domestic hot water production. Primary domestic hot water heating is done in a separate primary electric hot water heater (finishing)tank. The primary electric hot water (finishing)tank is assisted by a NYLE Corp 'Geyser' air source heat pump that transfers heat from re-circulation of basement ambient air, as well as providing de-humidification of the basement throughout the year. On a remote outdoor chain link fence located directly above the horizontal closed loop heat geothermal ex-changer, a grid connected 21KW photo-voltaic array is ground mounted and separately connected to the electrical utility grid..resulting in net zero utility metering and net zero electrical consumption. Fossil fuel costs are zero. Net electricity costs are zero. This home's entire energy needs are all provided by the combination of solar derived heat stored in the earth's crust, and by photo-voltaic solar derived electricity production... for geothermal heating and air conditioning, for electric cooking,etc. No fuel oil, no propane, no natural gas, no wood pellets, no firewood necessary to operate this home. Entire system is virtually maintenance free.The relatively simple Web Energy Logger system monitoring system provides all the tools necessary to monitor proper operation, and efficiency, of the system.

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