Energy and Thermal data for Yves L. Chenevert RESIDENCE - WEL0068

Yves L. Chenevert RESIDENCE : Pointe-Calumet, Quebec CANADA

High insulation Wall R45, Roof R80, Basement floor R11. Situated in cold climate of Quebec Canada. After been through a fire in August 2005 i decided to rebuild a new house with high energy efficiency. I built the complete home myself with my friend Guy. We work 4 hours per day ( After works) and 8 hours on saturday. It took until August 2006 before family could live in the bachelor in the basement. In July 2007 we move in upstair. The house is situated along lake Des Deux-Montagnes. The house is completly heated and cool with 2 Geothermal unit. One Carrier 5 Ton WW for heating house floor, snow-melt driveway and balcony,DHW and pool as secondary source. One Carrier 3 Ton. for cooling house during summer with heat exchanger to recuparate 100% of extracted heat to DHW and pool heating as primary source.

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