Energy and Thermal data for Madison, VA - WEL0058

Madison, VA : Madison, VA USA

Since 2008.05
This is a 2500 sf average constructed 20 year old home which is heated/cooled with a ground source heat pump (GSHP). The 4-ton heat pump is a H050 Hydron Module using a non-pressurized closed ground loop. The ground loop consist of four 500' high-density polyethylene (HDPE) thermoplastic pipes. The pipes are buried in four 100' long trenches at an average depth of six feet coiled in a horizontal slinky loop configuration.

Work still waiting to be completed: Fix thermosiphoning problem with the hot water desuperheater and install runtime switches for dryer/generator.

2013.02.18 Recabibrate EWT/LWT sensor,Add HE,HC,COP,TC,EER

2014.07.08 Added HobbyBoards Inspeed Anemometer/eVane, RainGauge, Humidity sensors. Still need to install Barometer sensor.

2017.02.? Added Copeland's 'Secure Start' on GSHP to allow starting HP on 7.5kw generator power.

2023.12.? Disable Desuperheater since heater exchanger started leaking water.

2024.03.25 12.5kW PV installed on roof - waiting for system commission.

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