Energy and Thermal data for Plano (Dallas) Residence - WEL0043

Plano (Dallas) Residence : Plano (Dallas), TX USA

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Single story residence, 3400 sf, built 1992; Plano, TX (75074), 1/4 mil pop suburb N of Dallas.

My email is: . Please feel free to make observations and suggestions to me. WEL implementation takes advantage of almost all WEL features.

4Q92: Interior lighting, ceiling fans, plug in appliances, and entertainment appliances automated based on room-to-room occupancy. HVAC system on/off integrated with fire detection system.

1Q00: Communicating thermostats installed and operated based on room-to-room occupancy and time of day.

3Q07: Geothermal heating/cooling: Two 2-stage variable speed WaterFurnace Envision Ground Source Heat Pump units - 3 and 5 ton; single closed water loop, 8 vertical boreholes each 300' deep using standard grout. WaterFurnace IntelliZone air distribution zoning on 3 ton unit - 3 zones.

4Q07: Monitoring and logging system installed using WEL.

4Q07: Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) installed - no remaining incandescent bulbs.

1Q10: 8.1 KW (DC) grid-tied, batteryless, solar PV system installed.

3Q11: 2 HP pool filter pump changed from single-speed to 2-speed ultra-efficient pump.

2Q12: Some recessed light fixtures sealed, hot water heater closet sealed, some other areas sealed, attic insulation added.

2Q12: Thermostat for 5 ton unit upgraded to model that includes RH as a variable input.

3Q12: Lawn sprinkler controller changed to a model that uses current outside conditions and historical weather pattern to adjust control.

4Q12: 2 workstation computers retired.

2015: All tstats changed to Ethernet networked technology. All manageable from local or remote PC.

2015: Sprinkler controller changed to evapor-transpiration model that tracks soil moisture on continuous basis.

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(Last updated 4/2013)

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