Energy and Thermal data for Duane & Cathy's Geo Vermont - WEL0018

Duane & Cathy's Geo Vermont : East Middlebury, VT USA

1100 sq Ft 2-story Saltbox home, forced hot air heat. ECR Technologies 3 ton Direct Exchange (DX) ground source heat pump. Freon circulates through (3)100 ft vertical copper ground loops in 100 ft boreholes in wet clay and glacial boulders. Earth warms Freon to 47F, is compressed to boost energy of low density gas. Air handler coil extracts hot gas heat to air flow. Cooled returning gas is condensed and recirculated back to earth loops to complete the cycle. Summer cooling reverses gas flow pumping house-heated gas to compressor, then to earth loop where excess heat is sunk into the earth. Equipment excess heat is used in summer to help heat domestic hot water.
The system was down for routine maintenance since July. It is back online now. Work is in progress to update the public display web data diagram.

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